Mary Jane Breast Cancer Survivor

10th Oct 2014

......How are we going to tell her?



..having strong faith...I told myself He has a plan.....



Then I started thinking........ and support.....He is my I AM

It seeems like yesterday, the day we learned that my best friend had mestastic breast cancer. I was providing her with her anethesia for her biopsy and I rembember it was a celebration like atmosphere in the operating room because we were sure not one of our beloved nurse, collegue and friend would have cancer. In fact it did not enter our minds we all believed we were there to remove an annoying inflammatory node from her under her arm. As the surgeon was finshing up, the pathologist called into the room with the dreadful news. You could here a pin drop. the music went off and silence and tears filled the room. And as I woke her, my only thought was," how are we going to tell her". 

 I was waiting for my doctor to tell me that he was joking when he told me that my lymph node biopsy came back positive for malignancy,  but when I saw the concern on his face, I realized that I was in trouble. Then, I thought to myself, how am I going to tell my family but , I remember clearly that for some reason, having strong faith in the Lord, I knew I would be will be alright. I told myself that he has a plan and I needed to trust him.. Modified radical mastectomy was the next step then chemotherapy. Going through the treatment, I experienced first hand what it does to you. Then, I started thinking, how can I help others? What I went through was not easy but I tried, keep a positive attitude and strong faith to fight this nasty disease. Working in the hospital surgical recovery room, I was exposed to many women undergoing breast biopsies or mastectomies.It was natural for me to become a patient  advocate. I hope I am helping breast cancer patients lessen their anxiety during this most critical time of their disease.I am able to share in their experience and give them first hand knowledge of what they might be feeling. As a medical professional I know that everyone has a different battle and journey and my hope is that one day I can say to all ,YOU WILL BE ALRIGHT. 

Now, 19 years later, I look back and I realized how this experience changed my priorities and outlook in life. I'm in a good place.  First and foremost I thank God for the oppotunity to survive and help others, my family and friends for all the love and support they give me. GOD is my I AM!

 And that she did she worked even on the the days of chemo, shaved her head before her hair fell out, and living every day with hope and joy.You would have never known she was dealing with cancer. Her FORCE, is an inspirtion