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Jake Schmidt - Author


Jake & his father (2000)

In great storytelling tradition, Schmidt's manuscript is a romantic, suspenseful, Nazi spy thriller, but it's also great history about making and dropping the atomic bomb. It reads like fiction...


Jake will be holding a kick starter event at the end of August to help raise money to get his book published and share the story on how his mother helped to change the course of history.


A must read to find out how a husband discovers his wife's secret life. Lookout for the surprise ending!


Jake the author and former FBI agent did not know of is mother's highly classified activities until well into his adulthood, six months before his father's passing in 2001. His Mother passed in 1972 when Jake was 22 years old.His father held off on sharing with him his mothers secret past (per her request) only telling Jake six months before his passing in 2001. A beautiful tribute to his parents who sacrficed much for our country and the world.

Germany is one year ahead of America in nuclear research. when U.S. physicists discover critical scientific information neccessary to create nuclear fission, Hitler’s Intelligence unit, Abwehr, sends a young handsome Nazi espionage means and transmit it back to the Nazi physicists in Berlin. Now, only the young beautiful Maggie Evans, Secretary to the scientists at the Manhattan Project’s University of Chicago Met Lab, can help prevent Hitler’s agent from stealing this critical knowledge and Germany from producing and using an atomic bomb first. Operating undercover as an optician near the university, Herb Haupt seduces the secretary to gain access to the scientist’s research papers she has typed and the degree of his success could change the outcome of World War II and the world thereafter. Maggie Evans is the Mother of the author.

Jake's Parent's at their wedding

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