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Destination USA, your wearable passport

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 We we were inspired to do this collection after having family visiting from California and seeing how excited they were to explore the east coast. We realized we did not have to go far to enjoy many amazing places right in our backyard. We put on our tennis shoes and racked up steps in NJ, NYC, and next year we are headed to Maryland and Washington D.C. So we got the idea from DUCKS themselves  Ducks don"t just sit they are constantly on the move in water  on land and air ( "contrary to the term "sitting or lame Duck"). What is great about your city or state? Keep an eye on for SPORTNDUCK on the move in your #hometown  #beenthere  #wannagothere  #wearable USA passport collection. Last seen in San Fransisco and Washington DC. Help us find inspiring stories and places in your #hometown and help us decide what wearable passport to make next. LIVE IT, LOVE IT....  first stop:

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Our Gift

  Cancer is one of the scariest words that can be uttered during a physical examination.  It often redirects the path of our life and re-channels our values and spirituality.  This is a story of how a deadly disease became a gift to our family.  A gift that was presented unknowingly by a unsuspecting and humble [...]

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Mary Jane Breast Cancer Survivor

......How are we going to tell her?     ..having strong faith...I told myself He has a plan.....       Then I started thinking........ ....love and support.....He is my I AM It seeems like yesterday, the day we learned that my best friend had mestastic breast cancer. I was providing her with her anethesia for her biopsy and I rembember it was a [...]

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Montha Chea from Cambodia to America

...I clearly remember one funeral for a close family friend who went to war and died at a young age...     ...dogs would bark giving us a signal that there were soldiers nearby. My mom would wake us up from our sleep so we could evacuate the house...       ...saw the reflection of an African American man lighting a [...]

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April - Fight for Fitness

 I remember being hospitalized when I was in 5th grade after having an asthma attack. It was only for a few days but I remember it pretty vividly. After my stay at the hospital, I became very cautious with any physical activity so that I would not cause my asthma to act up. [...]

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Jake Schmidt - Author

Jake & his father (2000) In great storytelling tradition, Schmidt's manuscript is a romantic, suspenseful, Nazi spy thriller, but it's also great history about making and dropping the atomic bomb. It reads like fiction...   Jake will be holding a kick starter event at the end of August to help raise money to get his book published and [...]

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Chris Whitlock - Father For 2014

  We were raised in a family with emphasis on our faith, respect for elders, the love of family and importance of education... "Congratulations you are the 3rd fastest drug free runner in the world." My first thought was "April Fools" until we heard the gunshot and a shout. I went back to my childhood, my faith; I said [...]

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Kathryn Wendell - Health Advocate

For lots of people a heart attack is their wake up call to watch over their health and take better care of themselves through diet and exercise. But for me, at 39, I was already in the best shape of my life ( or so I thought). I'm a working mom of 3 with 19 [...]

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Gina - Health Advocate

"Having cancer for over 20 years surpassing the prognosis of 5 years{ I was given at the time} keeping the cancer from growing is a daily challenge. My doctors are amazed by my survival. After more than 10 surgeries, multiple rounds of radiation and non-stop chemotherapy my body sometimes cries out, Stop! I can connect [...]

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